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What is Site Health Check in WordPress?

Site Health Check is a new feature which was introduced in WordPress 5.2. This new feature can be found in the WordPress menu under Tools->Site Health. The Site Health Check will give you information on possible critical configuration problems and recommended improvements which might be a good idea to implement or change on your WordPress site in order to keep it properly maintained and secure.

WordPress site health check status tab
The Status tab in the WordPress Site Health Check functionality

Critical Issues in WordPress Site Health Check

As you can see from the screenshot, there is a critical error which WordPress suggests that we should fix on the site. In this case it’s the PHP version which should be updated, we are running 7.0 on our installation and it’s recommended to run 7.1 or higher. The exact version of PHP running on the server is unfortunately not included in the Health Check, we’re hoping that this will be added in a future version as less advanced users might not know how, or where to check this.

Recommended Improvements in WordPress Site Health Check

The suggestions in the Recommend Improvements tab are of course less important improvements which can be implemented to further stabilise the performance of your site. In the screenshot above, you can see that there are five suggestions from the Site Health check tool for us to look through. The tool suggests that we remove inactive plugins, which can be a security issue, and that we should install one of the default WordPress themes as well, since that would be used if there should be a problem with the current one. It also recommends that we update the SQL server.

WordPress Site Health Check – Info tab

The Info tab in Site Health Check contains more or less all the information you could ask to know about your WordPress installation. This resource might be most valuable for advanced users and developers to quickly find information about a particular installation, as opposed to a resources for average user. Less advanced users will likely be asked to copy all the information about the site using the Copy site info to clipboard on a regular basis when seeking support from plugin and theme authors though.

wordpress site health check info tab
The Info tab in WordPress Site Health Check
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