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What is Visual Regression Testing and how does it apply to your WordPress site?

Visual Regression Testing is basically comparing screenshots from two different states – the before and after state, after an event has occurred.

Visual Regression Testing before state
Visual Regression Testing after state
Visual Regression Testing difference between before and after

So how does this apply to your WordPress site?

Let’s say you are updating your theme or plugins, it’s something almost all WordPress webmasters or admins do on a regular basis. Once you have performed the updates, you will want to know if something has changed on the front end of your site. Why? Because you don’t want your client or customers coming back to you angry when they find out that something broke during the updates which you performed.

The aspect of money is of course also very important – what if you have introduced errors which will cause your e-commerce site to not function properly? It could potentially be very costly if you calculate loss of sales and lower reputation with your customer base.

How can I know if something changed on my sites after updates?

This is where Visual Regression Testing comes in handy

Comparing the before and after states will let you know if something has changed down to an element moving one pixel to the left. Any change on the front end will be visible to you and you can then decide if it’s something which needs attention or not. If something broke, then you will of course want to debug or find out the cause of it breaking.

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