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Professional WordPress Maintenance

What you get with the plan

Professional WordPress Maintenance

Daily backups

Daily backups plain and simple. They make life a bit easier if a site should need to be rolled back to a previous state.

Uptime monitoring

Check if the site goes down with and interval as low as 1 minute between checks.

Setup of staging site

A staging site is an essiential part of having a steady production site, this is where all updates and changes will be done first.

Online support

Chat support through your favourite medium such as Slack, Google Hangouts or Facebook. We also accept scheduled online calls.

Bi-weekly updates of everything in WordPress

All plugins and themes gets updated and checked twice per month.

Security plugin with firewall and scan feature

Keep unwanted traffic, login- and hacking attempts away.

Updates and checks on staging before updating production

Safety first - all changes are performanced on the staging version before production.

30 minutes of fixes or general development per month

In case you want to make some small changes or tweaks to the site.

Visual Regression testing to detect any front-end changes

Automatically check and compare the visual state before and after update.

Automated tests to check backend-end functionality

Automatically check crucial functionality with automated test - 4 included.

Manual tests to check backend-end functionality

Some tests cannot be automated - 2 manual functionality tests included.

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