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Are you still doing updates without comparing the before and after states?

If you are, we would suggest you to stop as changes to your site could be very hard to detect otherwise. Our updates process will keep your site steady.

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Page Speed

Are you sure that you are getting the maximum speed out of your site?

Page speed is very important for a number or reasons; your SEO greatly depends on it, and users will likely leave your site if it doesn't load fast enough.

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Tighten up security by hardening WordPress and adding security plugins.

Having an updated version of WordPress and strong passwords should be enough to keep your site safe, though extra messures can sometimes be necessary.

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WordPress maintenance

Updating is a risky process

Updating WordPress, plugins and themes can introduce errors and issues, or even cause your site to go offline.

Broken sites cost time, money and energy

Is it worth the risk to not maintain your site properly?

Safety first

Our updates process is all about detecting changes to avoid any surprises on your production site.

How we keep WordPress sites steady on updates

Clone production site to a temporary location or use an exact copy on a staging site
Screenshot entire cloned site to be able to compare it to the after state
Run automated backend functionality tests to ensure everything is working before we begin updates
Update WordPress, themes and plugins on staging site
Screenshot entire site again and compare before and after states to detect any changes (Visual Regression Testing)
Run backend functionality tests again to ensure functionality after updates
If everything checks out on the staging site then the same process is applied on the production site
This method is by far the most safe and secure way to update your production WordPress site. It will detect any changes on the frontend, and backend problems will be discovered by a combination of automated and manual tests.
Compare the before and after state visually after updates to check if anything has changed on the front end.
Visual Regression Testing Youtube Click to watch on YouTube »

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Run automated tests to ensure functionality on the backend
Automated website functionality test youtube Click to watch on YouTube »

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WordPress Page Speed & Technical SEO

WordPress Security

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WordPress services pricing

  • Maintenance

  • $55/month or $550/year
  • Keep your site running smoothly without any headaches
  • Daily backups
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Monthly updates of WordPress/plugins/themes
  • Updates on ghost copy of site prior to updating production site
  • Visual Regression testing to detect any front-end changes
  • Automated tests to check backend-end functionality (4 included)
  • Manual tests to check backend-end functionality (2 included)
  • Support via email, Slack or Hangouts
  • 30 minutes of fixes or general development per month
  • Security plugin with firewall
  • Page Speed

  • $195 - one time fee
  • Get the maximum speed out of your site
  • Server analysis
  • Server improvements
  • Caching plugin
  • Image optimisation
  • Reduce external requests
  • Plugins and theme analysis
  • Optimise database
  • Resource minification
  • Limit post revisions
  • Security

  • $195 - one time fee
  • Secure your site from unwanted traffic and attacks
  • Login reCAPTCHA
  • Limit login attempts
  • Password protect login page
  • Change the WordPress Database Prefix
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Disable directory browsing
  • Plugins and themes review
  • Security plugin with firewall
  • Disable WordPress file editing
  • Page Speed + Security package

  • $350
  • Everything included in the Page Speed and Security packages. Save 10%.
  • Maintenance + Page Speed + Security package

  • $800
  • 1 year Maintenance plus everything included in the Page Speed and Security packages. Save 15%.

Not sure what you need or do you need something additional?

No problem, get in touch with us using the contact form and we'll have a look at your site to determine what needs to be done or give you a quote for your extra requirements, free of charge of course.

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