Why you should not use the Admin username in WordPress

Do not use Admin as your WordPress username

The reason why you should not use Admin as your username on any WordPress installation is very simple; It is the default WordPress user name. Hackers are of course well aware of this, and the admin username is likely the first one they will try out to be able to gain access to your site. […]

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WOT Cache Pro plugin review

SteadyWP WOT Cache Pro plugin review

Having been released only five months ago, WOT Cache is a fairly new caching plugin on the market, but it’s already performing like it’s a veteran. The Pro version which we’ll be reviewing in this article is priced at $32 per license. First, let’s look though the features of this WordPress caching and performance plugin, […]

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What to consider before updating to WordPress 5

WordPress 5.0 is planned to be released early 2018, there is no date set as of yet though. As this is a major release we would like to recommend all WordPress users and admins to proceed with great caution before updating to this version, as the chances of things breaking are much more likely in […]

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Interview series with WordPress maintenance people at UnderConstructionPage

Rikard SteadyWP Interview UnderConstructionPage

The good people over at the Under Construction Page have done interviews with people who are working with WordPress maintenance, you can read all the interviews here. I had the pleasure of being interviewed as well, you can read the full interview here, or read it below: Before becoming a freelance WordPress developer in 2012, […]

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What is Visual Regression Testing and how does it apply to your WordPress site?

Visual Regression Testing is basically comparing screenshots from two different states – the before and after state, after an event has occurred. Before After Difference So how does this apply to your WordPress site? Let’s say you are updating your theme or plugins, it’s something almost all WordPress webmasters or admins do on a regular […]

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Say goodbye to white screen of death in WordPress 4.9?

Very much looking forward to this feature in WordPress 4.9 which will display error messages instead of those oh-so-feared white screens of death:

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Compare WordPress maintenance services and what they have to offer

The good people over at the Under Construction Page has put together an extensive list of all WordPress maintenance services they know about so far; what they offer, what prices they charge, among other things. You can find the full article here, or read it in the frame below:

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