How to check which version of a theme you are running in WordPress?

How to find theme version WordPress

If you are having problems with a theme then one of the first things you should do is to update it to the latest version. If you don’t know which the latest version of the theme you are running is, then please check the changelog of the theme in question. It’s likely available for you […]

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How to copy or duplicate a post or page in WordPress?

How to copy or duplicate a page or post in WordPress

Duplicating or copying posts or pages is not part of default WordPress functionality, so it has to be added using custom code, or by simply adding a plugin to your site. There are several plugins in the WordPress plugin repository which will enable functionality like this, we will take a closer look at the most […]

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How to redirect WordPress attachment pages?

How to redirect WordPress attachment pages

When you upload media like images or documents to WordPress, it doesn’t just save the media, it also creates an attachment URL for it. A separate page for just displaying the media document so to say. These attachment pages are quite empty and might not provide much information to your users. They contain the media […]

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Fixing the “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” WordPress error message

Fixing the site is experiencing technical difficulties WordPress error message

WordPress 5.2 introduced a new type of protection for sites which are crashing due to bad or invalid code. In previous versions the same errors would likely have resulted in a white screen of death or a 500 internal server error. If your site crashes then the “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” message is […]

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How to give temporary direct access to your WordPress site

How to give temporary direct access to WordPress

It’s possible to give someone access to the backend of your WordPress site by simply sending them a URL. These temporary login URLs are usually generated by a plugin and can be useful for instance when you are seeking assistance from a developer, and they need to access your site in order to debug the […]

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What’s new in WordPress 5.2?

What's new in WordPress 5.2

Fatal PHP error protection WordPress 5.2 includes protection for fatal errors in PHP code, when a fatal error is detected by WordPress then the user will see a WordPress error message instead of a “white screen of death”. An email is also sent to the administrator of the site. Recovery mode Recovery mode means that […]

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Tools for checking WordPress performance and page load speed

Tools checking WordPress performance page load speed

There are several ways of measuring the page speed load times and performance of your WordPress site and hosting solution. We don’t have any statics on the subject, but we believe that GTmetrix, Pingdom and Google PageSpeed Insights are the most popular ones, so we’ll start off with those, and we’ll finish off with three […]

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What to consider when optimising WordPress for speed

Consider optimise wordpress page speed

When optimising your WordPress installation for speed your objective is to keep it as lean and quick as possible. If we use an analogy then it’s a bit like a car; if you load up your car with a lot of heavy bags, it’s going to be slower and consume more gas. The equivalent to […]

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How to disable the Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5

Disable Gutenberg editor WordPress 5

How to disable or deactivate the Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5. Adding a snippet to your functions.php file is all that is required.

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